👋 I'm Robert S.

About Me

  • Who am I?

    Hello, I'm Robert S. I'm a programmer based in the Netherlands. I typically code Discord bots, I also do some rather basic logo design, and I occasionally code websites. I try to make my code as elegant as possible if you even require assistance with anything created by me I'll happily provide it.

    A few things about me
    Favorite Color Green
    Favorite Programming Language Python
    A Couple Of My Clients ImLazyWithAZ, Hayden, OvercastGaming

My Work

  • SyteSpace

    SyteSpace is a reliable and cost-effective hosting solution based in London, UK. I am currently HR and I work at the company since July 2019.

    That Bot

    My own Discord bot, I'd suggest you take a look and see if you like it! It has a lot of features and there are new features every month or 2. It has about 99.9% uptime (excluding maintenance) because I host it at my home.

    Honey Network

    A Minecraft server network that I created, it's still in it's very early developer status and almost nothing works yet.

Social Media & Email

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