I'm Robert S.

A full-stack developer based in the Netherlands.

About Me

Hi there, I'm Robert S. I'm a full-stack developer based in the Netherlands, and I mostly do web design, and I code in Python. I am focused on the satisfaction of my customers, and I'm not trying to shill out poor services to the masses. I try to make my code as neat and human-readable as possible, and when a client requires guidance, I will happily provide it.

A little bit more about myself:
I speak Dutch and English fluently, but I'm currently also learning German. My favourite colour is purple, and my favourite food is pizza. My hobbies are coding and gaming.

My Work


A blazingly fast Discord bot made for people, not for money. With Wavy I try to focus on speed and the user experience instead of trying to get a lot of money from people.


A billing system like WHMCS which is hosted for you in the cloud. It is made for free and paid hosting companies in mind, and we offer a large feature-set. Missing a feature? Don't hesitate to contact us!


I work at MCGroup as MCTrading chat moderator, MCVersions staff and MCList devloper. MCGroup is owned by Mauro, Callum and Adam.

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