👋 I'm Robert S.

A programmer based in the Netherlands.

About Me

Hi, I'm Robert. I am usually known as That Guy or That Guy5275 here on the internet. I have been into coding and computers since I was little, and I still am. I am the most experienced in Python and HTML & CSS, but I also regularly try new languages. You can contact me on Discord - That Guy#5275, or you can click on any of these buttons.

  • Profile
    That Bot - A blazingly fast Discord bot made for the 21st century. It has a lot of features and is made for the user, not for profit.
  • Profile
    SyteSpace is a reliable and cost-effective hosting solution based in London, UK. I have been working at the company since July 2019, and I work as a customer experience manager at this moment.

My Work

Here you can view some of my work. I work on making these better a lot to provide the best user experience, and I am happy if you find bugs and report them to me in my Discord server, it'll help me a lot.

Contact Me

You can contact me on any of these platforms.